How online voting works

electobox can be easily configured to meet the needs of any voting process


Creating & preparing an Election

Electoral roll registration

Voter registration in traditional elections can be a time consuming and difficult process.

Using Electobox, voters are automatically registered by uploading an excel file containing their information.

Candidate / Ballot registration

electobox supports various electoral systems (from single candidate list to party lists and various voting schemes), covering the needs of almost every organization.

Candidate registration is done by the election administrators via a user-friendly interface, which is available until the voting starts. Therefore, there is no need to worry anymore about last minute changes or corrections to the ballots.

Flexible voting schedule

Election administrators can manually start and end the voting process or schedule it to start and end automatically. Also, the time window given to voters to submit their votes can be extended if needed at any time.


The online voting process

Voter authentication

Voter authentication has been designed with efficiency in mind, allowing voters to login via a simple and secure method, without having to remember complex passwords.


Voters are able to vote from anywhere they are, using a mobile phone, tablet or computer. The voting process is simple and intuitive and requires no technical knowledge. Votes are encrypted before leaving the voters' device, ensuring that they remain secret throughout the whole voting process.

Ballot box recording

After casting their votes, voters receive confirmation emails with cryptographic proofs that guarantee them the successful registration of their vote in the ballot box. Upon submission, electobox validates each vote without decrypting it, making sure that no invalid or double votes are being cast.


Tallying and results

Vote anonymization

After the voting ends, electobox breaks the correlation between encrypted votes and voters via a cryptographic process called "mixing". The mixing process digitally shuffles the votes, making impossible to find which vote belongs to whom. electobox, also provides mathematical proofs that the mixing was done correctly, meaning that anyone can verify that the votes were indeed properly anonymized.


Anonymized votes are still encrypted and impossible to read. Votes are encrypted with multiple encryption keys, each one belonging to a member of the election committee. This means that no one possesses the complete key to decrypt the votes. Decryption is feasible by combining the keys of all election committee members. In cryptography this is called secret sharing encryption scheme and the decryption process is fully verifiable and auditable using mathematical proofs.


Once the anonymized votes are decrypted, they are tallied. The result is only visibleto the staff in charge of handling the election proceedings, ensuring no results are preliminarily published. Election administrators can then publish the results, print them or export them.