Voting Instructions

Log in electobox

As soon as the voting starts, you will receive an email which will contain a unique secret link. By clicking the secret link you will be automatically log in the voting platform.

In case the election supports voting via a paper ballot: If you cast your vote physically using a paper ballot, your secret link will cease to function and you will not be able to vote online.

The image on the right demonstrates an example email.

step 1

Selecting which candidates to vote

After clicking on the link you received, the ballot will automatically appear on your screen.

  • In order to select a candidate simply click on his/her name. The candidate will be highlighted with green color.
  • To deselect a candidate, click on his/her name again.
  • The ballot consists of two sections, the management board and the audit commitee.
  • Make sure to scorll down in order to see all the candidates.
  • The allowed number of votes is displayed under the name of each section. If you try to select more candidates than the permited limit, you will receive an error message. Your ballot will NOT become spoilt.
  • In case you want to cast a blank or spoilt ballot, click on the BLANK or SPOILT button respectively.

Once you have selected the candidates of your choice for the management board as well as for the audit committee (or you have chosen to vote blank or spoilt), please click the CONTINUE button at the bottom of the screen.


Vote confirmation

Before casting your vote, electobox will request you to check the contents of your vote.

  • In case you want to change your vote click CHANGE VOTE.
  • Otherewise click CAST VOTE.

Cast vote

In order to cast your vote please click on CAST VOTE. electobox will ask you to confirm your action.

  • In case you want to change your vote please click on Back to vote confirmation button.
  • Otherwise you can click on Cast vote to submit your vote.

Encrypting and submitting your vote

The electobox will automatically encrypt your vote on your device and then it will be cast. After this step it will be impossible for anyone to read the contents of your vote. Due to the fact that the encryption used by the electobox is very powerful, this process can take up to a minute.

Do not close the browser window during the encryption process.


Your vote has been cast successfully

When your vote has been cast successfully, a message will appear on the screen.

You can now close this window.

step 5

Vote confirmation email

After your vote has been cast successfully, you are going to receive a vote confirmation email.

This email will contain a cryptographic receipt which certifies the correct submission of your vote.

step 6